Lemon Chili Shrimp and Other Stuff

Saturday I went to the grocery store and I didn’t really have any plan of what I was going to cook except for I knew I wanted something with lemon and an avocado so I just threw a bunch of things into my basket and lugged it back to my apartment to worry about it later.

Today I’d like the present the second installment of AnnamaRecipes and the result of my disorganized shopping trip: Lemon Chili Shrimp and Other Stuff.

Yum. I hope you’ re ready.

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Annamarie’s Lazy Teriyaki-ish Stir-fry

Living alone can be difficult, especially when you hate doing all things domestic like cooking, cleaning, and remembering what bills you’ve paid. Unfortunately, though, you can only buy pre-made food for so long before the people at the store start giving you some seriously judgmental looks, so every once in a while it’s important to cook for yourself.

I live this struggle every day, but slowly I am accumulating a list of things that require minimal effort for reasonable taste and Instagram worthiness. I’ve decided to collect these “recipes” (a word I use loosely because I don’t, like, measure things or plan much ahead of time) and share them to try and help my fellow tired and hungry almost adults. Today I am happy to be posting my very first “AnnamaRecipe,” Lazy Teriyaki-ish Stir-fry.


Perfect for eating with Netflix and then taking a nap.

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Introducing AnnamaRecipes

Introducing the new section of this blog: AnnamaRecipes.

One of the most important parts of travel is having the opportunity to explore new food. One of the biggest challenges of living abroad is making your own food when most all of the ingredients you are used to cooking with are not available and you’re always exhausted from working and trying to communicate in a new language.

This year I’ve started making an effort to cook more, and as someone who does not particularly enjoy cooking it’s been a challenge. Despite my distaste for culinary endeavors, I have been exploring new combinations of foods in an attempt to make cooking more entertaining. What really motivates me, however, is attention, and so I’m going to write about my adventures in cooking in order to not only share new cooking ideas for people who hate cooking, but also motivate myself to make more of an effort.

So let’s enjoy AnnamaRecipes together. The first recipe, Lazy Teriyaki-ish Stir-fry, was easy to make and definitely Instagram worthy, so check it out.


Lazy Teriyaki-ish Stir-fry

Be on the lookout for more AnnamaRecipes soon! And if you have any suggestions of things to make, please send them my way!