Day 11: Rest

Today is the end of my four day spring vacation. It’s sad having to go back to desk warming, even if things should hopefully be getting more involved soon with planning for the new year. Even so I’m very glad to have had the opportunity to just be my own person for a weekend.

I don’t know what made me so tired last week. I was feeling like maybe my medications were out of whack or maybe it was just the stress of having no work finally getting to me, but either way by Friday I was barely staying awake through the day (and in fact fell asleep and made my friend wait for me for 15 minutes until her calls finally woke me up).  By the time Saturday rolled around I wanted nothing more than to rest.

So that’s what I did. I spent the entire day at home in bed watching shows I’ve been meaning to watch. This weekend I finished Iron Fist, watched the second season of Outlander, and the second season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It was exactly what I needed to do with my time.

In addition to the excessive Netflix binge I washed dishes, did two loads of laundry, aired out my futon, cleaned the shower and the toilet, went grocery shopping, and pre-made lunches for this week. It wasn’t an entirely lazy weekend, but I definitely needed all 3 days of downtime to get everything done.

The change in weather is going to give me a constant headache for the next…who knows, but I’m now feeling much more human and much better prepared to begin my last term of teaching here in Japan. Sometimes, especially when living in another country, all you need is some time to rest.


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