Day Eight: Cycles

Life is full of cycles. People who menstruate are probably most aware of how cycles affect our lives, even if like me the cycle is medically induced. Our hormones cycle, the seasons, the beginning and end of sports season after sports season–some cycles are more apparent than others.

Facebook memories have allowed me to see more clearly some of the cycles in my own life. Apparently, around this time every year I get laryngitis and lose my voice. Just two days ago I noticed my voice was getting a little rough again. What is it about the coming of spring that takes my voice away, no matter what country I’m in?

The laryngitis cycle began, as far as I can tell, with the Great Laryngitis of 2012. At that time, what started as a simple case of laryngitis became an entire month of no speaking and nearly two months for my voice to return to full function, which put my grades in danger and permanently altered my voice. The permanent alteration to my voice brought me to an ENT, who in turn brought me to my first STD test when I got a letter from the ENT’s office saying that improper cleaning of his scopes may have exposed me to Hep. B, Hep. C, and HIV.

The Great Laryngitis of 2012 was an experience I will never forget.

Since The Great Laryngitis I’ve had a small bout of voice-loss every year at almost exactly the same time. In my Facebook memories this week I saw both the start of last years laryngitis and TGL of 2012.

I wonder what other cycles in my life I’m not so aware of. I know that, for example, I never want to cook dinner on Wednesday nights. Is that some sort of cycle or do I just hate Wednesdays?  What strange cycles in my life have I not noticed just because I don’t have the scope to see them or haven’t kept a record? I guess I’ll never know.



This post is day 8 of a 30 day blogging challenge.


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