A New Challenge: 30 Days of Blogging

I’ve decided to commit to blogging every day for 30 days. Recently I find myself frequently thinking about things I want to write for this blog, for the memoir/collection of essays/mess of words I’m working on, or new short stories ideas. I constantly am thinking about how much I wish I were writing, but I never seem to find the time, or the inspiration, to write.

The truth is it is so much easier to write when you are already writing. If you haven’t written anything for days, weeks, or even months, the idea of starting again feels incredibly daunting. We’ve all heard about the benefits of starting a writing habit in terms of motivation and time management, but even more than that I find it is easier to find the words to put on the page next if I’m already in the process of writing something down. By writing this blog post, I’m finding new ideas for my next essay on James Corden and gender identity. And if I go immediately into the next room and start putting that down on paper, I’ll be much more likely to finish what I’ve started than if I just keep thinking about it and say I’ll work on it tomorrow.

It’s just been too long since I’ve regularly written anything, and I’m hoping that by committing myself to blogging every day for the next month I’ll have more ideas flowing more freely and be able to both work through some of the things I’ve been needing to work through and get back in the practice of letting the ideas flow into words. I was going to leave this challenge for the month of April, but in the spirit of commitment I realized that the best time to start is right now.

As spring has officially begun, I am reflecting, as I do every year, on how I can grow and change and bring more to my life this year. My energy is returning and I’m looking forward to the things my life has to offer me. In the same vein I am attempting to identify and limit the things that do not bring me happiness in life and the reasons for it. With any luck this blogging challenge will help me along my way to a great 2017.

I cannot predict what the next 30 days will bring to this blog. It will probably be a mix of things I have done in Japan that I didn’t write about, general reflections on life in Japan, and thoughts, feelings, and realities as I prepare to move back to Arizona this summer and start my next journey in graduate school.

For now all I know is that  I am makng a public committment to posting on this blog for the next 30 days. This is step one, and I’m ready to go!

See you tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “A New Challenge: 30 Days of Blogging

  1. I’m excited to read your blogs everyday since spring break is upon us I haven’t really…got much to do. So I’ll be blogging as well but mayyybe not for a full 30 days. But I do hope to reflect and bring on some positive changes! Can’t wait to read more!

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