Introducing Steeped and Creeped

Many of you may wonder what I write when I am not writing for this blog. Many more of you are my friends on Facebook and probably don’t actually wonder,  but I’m going to talk about my new project anyway.

The start of September was also the beginning of Steeped and Creeped, a fictional blog from the character Juniper Pine that is co-written by Annamarie Carlson (me, if you didn’t know) and good friend. Juniper moves out of her parents house and into her first apartment at Cactus Ridge Envy – East Plaza and Yards. Immediately after moving in, Juniper begins noticing strange goings on in the building, most of which seem to be coming from the cute yet reclusive girl across the hall in apartment 2C.

Steeped and Creeped is a lighthearted story of magic, mystery, and a healthy dollop of strange. It updates weekly with other occasional mini-updates posted sporadically. While things are just starting now, I am excited to share Juniper’s story with you as the adventure unfolds.

On a personal note, I first started working on ideas for Steeped and Creeped back in February, and so it is incredibly exciting to be finally sharing this story with the world. I can’t wait to watch it grow and develop, and I hope that in time we will find our audience.

So if you feel that a quirky fiction blog is what is missing from your life, definitely give the first posts on Steeped and Creeped a read, and give us a like or a follow if you’re feeling generous. I’m sure you can expect to hear more from me about Steeped and Creeped in the future, but for now just remember to stay creepy.


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