A Poem about Spring and Re-Contracting


The early cherry blossoms. The real cherry blossoms will be blooming this week. Stay tuned. 

It’s official. Today I received notice that my request to re-contract for a second year in Japan has been approved. I am excited and nervous to continue my adventure here in this fascinating country. There have been so many struggles, but I’ve also been able to experience so many amazing things and create so many wonderful memories. I look forward to what a second year has to offer.

I’ve been struggling with writing recently as I’ve been wrestling with internal conflicts and have been sick (the return of my yearly laryngitis). I am by no means a poet, but here are some lines of verse I wrote today in an attempt to make up for not posting two of the weeks in March.

Spring, Internal. Spring, Eternal.

And with the growing sun I shed my boots

To reach the light above with crumbling roots

For as the flowers bloom and fade so I,

With dreams and futures plenty, grow and die.

In each new passing day I try to see

A new direction for my running feet

My leaves will fall and crumble, yet return

Each time more beautiful and strong in turn

As I will travel through my spring alone

To see, to feel, to learn: my home.



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