Running for Desserts: Numazu Sweets Run

There are not many things that would motivate me to voluntarily wake up before sunrise on a Sunday. Delicious food, however, is probably at the top of that short list.


Sunrise over Shimada

This weekend I attended the Numazu Sweets Run, an event to inspire fitness by providing participants with desserts to eat within a set time limit.



Look at all these hungry–I mean healthy people.

Alright, so I’m not sure how well it actually promoted fitness, but it was definitely a fun event. Many people showed up to Numazu central park on that sunshine filled and windy morning. Children (and foreigners) took pictures with the cute mascot version of Mt. Fuji and limbered up for a sugar-fueled jaunt along the river. At the very back of the pack, I walked the 2.5km course surrounded by toddlers and eventually the runners on their second (and then third) lap.


It’s not an event in Japan without a mascot.


After one lap of the course most people funneled down the stairs to the river bank where we were allowed to choose 7 sweets from the 20 stalls of local bakeries and other providers of dessert-like food.


Nothing brings together like desserts. Nothing.

After consuming 5 of my 7 sweets (the point at which I began to feel mostly comprised of sugar) we took a stroll to a group of blooming cherry blossom trees before officially “finishing” the race.


My delicious haul. It was like Halloween in February. Also, I got the last pudding with a line of people behind me. Suckers.


It was a fun event and it’s something I’d definitely like to do again. Maybe next year I’ll walk the course more than once!

Check my Instagram for more pictures from the event and of my life in Japan.


It’s the beginning of cherry blossom season. You won’t want to miss out on my pictures.


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