New Album “Mosquito Bites and Tatami Mold” OUT SOON


My creative process is a half opened journal.

It is with great excitement that I announce I will be releasing my first album, entitled Mosquito Bites and Tatami Mold, later this year.

It’s been a whirlwind process of creating my own original work as well as collaborating with artists like The Cicadas, My Neighbor’s Futon Beater, and TVFWTBU (That Voice From When the Trucks Back Up). After months of writing, rehearsal, and wishing there was better Mexican food in Japan, I feel I finally have a product I am proud to attach my name to.

This collection of songs, inspired mostly by my time in Japan, transcend genre as I create music from a space of radical personal truth, rather than the enforced misogynistic, capitalistic truth thrust upon the masses by the more commercial artists today.

As the old man who I pass in the morning sitting next to his cat said*:

The first single “Yes I’m a Foreigner” is a heart-wrenching yet still toe-tapping ode to Sunday afternoon grocery shopping. The addicting refrain of “I just want some bread / I just want some beer / Please stop staring / I’m the only foreigner here” mixes house beats with an emotional honesty rarely seen in someone so young.

My intent with this album was to really explore the depths of my inner mind as well as the struggles that come with living abroad. It is the sort of music that I hope will bring the listener to a different level of existence, while still feeling that I am right there standing uncomfortably close behind them.

The full track list:

  1. The Sun Is Up So I Am (ft. The Cicadas)
  2. Commute Pt. 1: Please Don’t Hit Me With Your Car
  3. Little Spider this Isn’t Your Home
  4. Commute Pt. 2: Please Don’t Hit Me With Your Truck
  5. Yes I’m a Foreigner
  6. Big Spider this is MY Home
  7. You Won’t Know Until You Eat It
  8. Sunny Saturday Laundry
  9. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG (ft. My Neighbor’s Futon Beater)
  10. Poison/Bleed for Me (ft. A Hundred Fucking Mosquitos)
  11. Now I’m the Crazy Upstairs Lady

If you would like to pre-order this album, please send** ¥500 and either a jar of organic peanut butter, Dove chocolate squares (the ones with inspirational words on the wrappers), or a live kitten*** to my apartment here in Shimada, Shizuoka, Japan.

I hope this album will mean as much to you as it has to me.


*The old man who I pass in the morning sitting next to his cat may not have said any of these things, but it was heavily implied by the looks he gives me.

**Please use either the postal service, UPS, or carrier pigeon to send your orders. Simply write “that tall blonde foreigner” on the address label and it will find me.

***Please note that kittens must be alive in order to be considered as payment.


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